Don’t Ever QUIT…We All NEED HELP

Dear Mr Trump

Sorry for the Spam Attack on your person…

even a little guy like me has been spammed and attacked!

I am reminded when i was in the Great Lakes Naval Hospital in 1971 

Doctors told me I’d Never walk again…

a orderly came in and started slapping the Sh__  out of a one arm commando  who complained ALL the time? 
Well me  i’m in full body traction… No one seems to want to do Anything!


Like a DumbAss …
I yell   Hey you Black Son of  a Bitch you want beat up someone I’m HERE!

well He drops the kid like a hot potatoe and starts my way!

NOW I remind you… I am in FULL BODY TRACTION…

SO have you every peddled a bike backwards…
I start to apologize for my racial slanders…

He gets to my bed Smiles and say LOUDLY…
you Know What i like about MARINES ?
NOTHING they are…
So marine you think I am WRONG slapping the Sh__ of that whining piece of Sh__?

Well …
Yeah He’s a whinner…
but if i could get up…
I”D Slap the S H _ _  out of  YOU!

OH YEAH  he says….
Then sits on my bed…
and POPS OFF both His Legs
and says…
BOYS the Lesson TODAY is…
In 30 days a Miracle happened everyone got healed even me

I tell you this story for two Reasons…
America needs a Miracle in Washington
and a Leader WHO won’t Quit

Please if you have the MOXIE…
BE That leader
Start Asking the Hard Questions and offering the ANSWERS
and SEE how people will be drawn to you

PLEASE DON’T QUIT  and become LIKE everyone Else…
The Veterans, Senior Citizens,  as well as our younger citizens need to be drawn to sound of a different Drum…Neighbor Helping Neighbor !
Want to Chat or …become my Neighbor     CLICK  HERE !

Call Me :  1-800-596-8481   ANYONE  can Afford…  F R E E  !


Lessons from my Grandfather… DON’T Let FEAR WIN!

Rebuke FEAR… and it MUST FLEE!

SOMETIMES … When we Don’t have Answers FEAR becomes BOLDER!

IT Aggressively Attacks our Mind, our Strength, and our Out Look !
What can we DO?

For me a Teacher,  a Writer,  an Encourager and Man of PRAYER…


My Grandfather said “Tommie, when we make a difference…
the devil knows us by NAME !

So, JUST Like DANIEL …HE will try to attack you so you will get lead OFF Track ?”

Whatever we ASK in Faith… GOD waits for us to A S K !

Today do you need Answers?   Have you ASKED HIM?
FOOD For THOUGHT: The Secret to Answered Prayer…

1.  Have you Honked your Horn?
If you Don’t ASK… You Won’t GET !

2.  Who’s in Agreement with You…?
      Mathew 18: 18-20  The Prayer of AGREEMENT

Whatever we AGREE about… GOD will Agree about and assign ANGELS to Protect, Bless, and Favor us AMEN

3.  Then when the Answer is delayed…
are we still persistent  and  STILL Asking?
The Prayers of the Righteous availeth  M U C H  !

Daniel the Mighty Man of Prayer…
who advised 3 KINGS and Three KINGDOMS about the Power of Prayer
was told by the Angel Gabriel …

” Mighty Man of GOD the Moment you prayed…
Your Prayer was answered!”

BUT,  the evil one has tried to delay,  stop your prayer and petitions,
to effect your Joy,
and  STOP the requests effecting Eternity!



Lean NOT on Your Own Understanding… But in all Things TRUST in GOD and HE will straighten your Pathways AMEN !

Today even if YOU DON”T KNOW…  GOD DOES !



If you need Prayer or Encouragement 1-800-596-8481
Anyone can Afford F R E E !   Just …   A S K !

When we Agree…GOD sends Angels Right NOW!

ANGELS are ALWAYS READY…   to HELP,  Protect,  and  FAVOR US … AMEN !

Angels are always READY to Help, Protect, and FAVOR Us AMEN!


Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way you
cope with it is what makes the difference. I sent an angel to watch over
you last night, but it came back. I asked “why?”…The angel said: “Angels
don’t watch over angels!”Please read…. not joking…..God has seen you
struggling with something. God says it’s over. A blessing is coming your
way. If you believe, send this message on. Please don’t ignore it. God is
going to fix two BIG things tonight in your favor. If you believe in God,
drop everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day ever. Send
this to ten friends, including me. If I don’t get it back, I guess I’m not
one of them. As soon as you get five replies, someone you love will
quietly surprise you.


If you AGREE  Pass this on and SHARE the BLESSING  AMEN

Give a GIFT that NEVER Ends!


Sometimes …We all need HELP!

This is a season for Thanksgiving,  Family, and Friends  … HOSPITALITY!

The Gift of Family and Friends makes LIFE  Worth Living!


My Grandfather said… “Tommie when we reach DOWN and HELP Another UP,

Then we All are made Better. “


As many Know I have been fighting Pancreatic Cancer since 2012 and with  GOD’s  Help and Favor I have been in remission. 

What they don’t tell you is the Cancer Bugs are always there waiting and LOOKING for an Opportunity to come back!

My Oncologist wants to do Chemo again MORE Aggressive…a SHOT GUN Treatment!

WOW !  not what I had in mind celebrating  2 years in remission…
Then I broke a tooth and the treatment had to be delayed…

The dentists  ended up removing 8 teeth …  a common problem for after chemo and radiation treatment patients .

My wife  told me BABY I Know you did not want to LOSE All your teeth

ALL I Want for Christmas…is some TEETH!

You Really don’t want to do CHEMO Again…
May be this is GOD’s  answer to NOT having to do Chemo Again!

Well Not exactly what I wanted to HEAR…

I had to spend some time alone with my Friend and ask some Hard questions…
Ever Been There?

OK… your in Charge you have allowed me Blessings and FAVOR I Don’t deserve…
so is it my way (Frank Sinatra Jr) or YOURS!

SO… HE provided the funds so I could have the TEETH removed (all total about $4500.00!)
Not bad for 3 Dentists.

I am a Teacher, Speaker, a Video GUY…  for me to be taken serious  I need to
restore my

S M I L E!

This Holiday season would you consider using my link as you buy for You and Yours from

YOU will still get Great Deals but Amazon will gift me… as a Gift from YOU!
at NO COST to you!

Everyone Wins and All are made Better!

WOW Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Oh yeah the Paul Harvey REST of the STORY…

My red blood Count, white blood Count, plates Count are in the toilet   BUT…

They are the Best they have been in 6 Months!  and the Tumor Count is holding…
Steady after Doubling, then Doubling, and Doubling again!  STEADY … NO Increase

Well I don’t Know about you… but the TEACHER is  always Tested before …
He can Give the LESSON!

Put it on your prayer list and lets agree it’s in HIS Hands…if  you Let it BE !
Thanks and Pass this on to Family, Friends, and Neighbors
WE All Need Help Sometimes…AMEN

Thomas Clifford The DEBT DOCTOR” Tougher Than CANCER”

Hello world!

When you Have Problems but NO ANSWERS…
Who do you Talk to?
Someone Who’s Been there is the BEST !

November is Pancreatic Cancer Prevention Month

If you Hate CANCER…Any KIND
Here’s a way to fight it and help with OUR  family Medical Cost

Thomas Clifford and Family “Tougher Than CANCER”

ONLY 5% survive Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection is CRITICAL

When we LISTEN from the HEART…we all GROW M O R E !

ALL I Want…For Christmas is

The Blessings of the LORD are Renewed every Morning

My Grand Father  told me : ” Tommie,  No matter how hard you try or plan …
the best laid plans of Mice and Men do often Go astray?

So it’s NOT the problem that’s the PROBLEM…

It’s the TEST !
PASS the Test and show Gratitude and a GOOD Attitude …
as you travel the ROAD
your on.”

October 2014 was suppose to be a year of celebration and restoration for me and Family :
We had survived Whipple Surgery, Chemo, Radiation Treatment,  and More Chemo…WHEW !

Suddenly the Dragon comes again…my tumor counts Go Up again… Doubling and Doubling and Doubling Again!

NOT  What we wanted to Hear…
The doctors can’t find anything..
The Cancer it’s not behaving Like it should…
WE can’t Find Anything  …
MAN it’s time for PRAYER.
Remember are friends  JOB,  Elijah, and Daniel…
they were tested before they got their answer.

So as I am trying to get my mind Right…

About Looking at a Shot-Gun Chemo Treatment…

One of my top molars breaks !
One dentist says Tom we need to remove some teeth,
refers me to another specialist who says we need to remove even MORE teeth,
and refers me to a Oral Surgeon…
this has only taken a month!  STRESSED OUT is a under statement!

Wait a minute Man of GOD…
YOUR Stressed OUT and fighting FEAR?
YES I AM !!!

So my LIFE Gift of 40 years” Cathy”  says…

“Tommie , I know this isn’t what you wanted!
but, didn’t we pray that the chemo cup might be removed?

Well if the teeth are infected that would rise your Blood counts and Lower your white count  and it’s taken 30 days to get here…
the oncologist won’t do the treatments until your dental need is addressed…
maybe the teeth are creating a false reading?
Fix the teeth and then  we will take another Blood test …
before we consider other options

WOW !!!

The other guys had Angels sent to them… I LIVE with ONE !

Here’s what I will LOOK LIKE :

ALL I want for Christmas…is my two Front TEETH !


Sometimes when it’s Impossible…
GOD is READY to make a Miracle!

Some Don’t Believe This…
but as for ME and MY House …
WE will Serve the LORD  AMEN

Are You READY for Your Miracle…  JUST ASK!





How are you SEEING…your World Today?

How you SEE your World…gives Light to Others, Brighten a Day Today

My Grandfather said:  ” Tommie,
Ask every day…
WHERE is You?

The Answer is …
YOU is Where you is…
but where do you Dare to Believe you could Be?


It will take just 60 seconds to read this and change your thinking…


The REAL Story…


Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room.

One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs.

His bed was next to the room’s only window.

The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back.

The men talked for hours on end.


They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs,
their involvement in the military service, where they had been on


Every afternoon, when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.

The man in the other bed began to live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside.

The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake.
Ducks and swans played on the water, while children sailed their model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color

and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.

As the man by the window described all this in exquisite details, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine this picturesque scene.

One warm afternoon, the man by the window described a parade passing by.

Although the other man could not hear the band -he could see it in his mind’s eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with
descriptive words.

Days, weeks and months passed.
One morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find
the lifeless body

of the man by the window, who had died peacefully in his sleep.

She was saddened and called the hospital attendants to take the body away.

As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could be moved next to the window.The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure
he was comfortable, she left
him alone.

Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look at the real world outside. He strained to slowly turn to look out the window besides the bed.

It faced a blank wall.


The man asked the nurse what could have compelled his deceased roommate
who had described such wonderful things outside this


The nurse responded that the man was blind and could not even see the wall.

She said, ‘Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you.’



There is tremendous happiness in making others happy,
despite our own situations.  Shared grief is half the sorrow, but Happiness when shared, is doubled.
If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can’t buy.


‘Today is a gift, that is why it is called The Present.

Don’t just  LIKE  this…but  SHARE it !

Because Somebody may need to read this!
It may Change their LIFE or Even the WORLD!

Change one person’s LIFE, Today and the World will NEVER be the SAME Pass it on Neighbor




WHERE is YOU? … is N E V E R the REAL Question !

The Secret to a GREAT DAY…

The Secret to a Great Day… Don’t Let the Problems WIN? ASK the ANSWER…Seek HIM

My Grandfather asked me: “Tommie,  Do you Know the Secret of a GREAT day?”


“The Blessings of the LORD are renewed Every Morning…
Claim HIS Favor, Protection, and Blessings Today!
Repeat the Exercise Every Day!”


That is NOT a popular thought today !

Many even question if GOD exist?

In LIFE,  Where you are is NOT the Question? …
It’s will we Pass the TEST,
Can we Eat the Meal ?
The Salt and Pepper is Prayer and the Song of Praise!


Please Consider this:
By persistence…the snail finally arrived at the ARK!

HE Whistled and HUMMMED along the Way!

GOD Loves the Songs of Gratitude and Thanksgiving… by them
we rebuke the assaults of the Evil one

Read about the TESTS of this man of GOD
the Prophet Elijah has :

Raised a child from the Dead  1Kings :17

Stopped the 3 year drought!

Beats Ahab in a Foot Race…
(old man on foot .VS.  King and Horses/Chariot) 1Kings: 18

Beat the 450 prophets of baal in a contest…
WHO god IS GOD? 1 Kings: 18

Then the REAL T E S T … 1 Kings : 19

Ahab goes home and tells Jezebel all that Elijah had done.
She is enraged and sends a messenger to the prophet saying …
” SO may the gods do to me and MORE, if I do not make your life as one of  them
( the 450 Dead prophets of baal)  by
this time tomorrow.


Elijah was terrified and ran away and hid in the wilderness.
Read HOW GOD restored him and even gave him a FOXHOLE Buddy!

If God in HIS Mercy and LOVE can do it for the Men/Women of the Bible…
how much MORE will He Do it for you?

Yes Neighbor the battle is raging…Who is your GOD?
Do you Fear…  God or man!


SEEK the LORD and HE will SEEK … Y O U !


FOOD for Thought:
Do You FEAR…GOD or man?







IF we ONLY………………….. KNEW !



Sometimes if we KNEW…We would Do things Differently!
Who would you Hug?     Who would you Tell something To?
Do it NOW and Change Someone’s L I F E    TODAY!



Sometimes if we KNEW…
We would Do things Differently!  
Who would you Hug
?Who would you Tell something To?
It’s NOT too Late…                                                                  

Do it NOW and Change Someone’s L I F E    TODAY!

There is Always…the REST of the STORY!


My Grandfather Always asked Hard Questions…
”Tommie, What if GOD told you get your house in Order?
WHAT Would YOU DO…Different?”

IF YOU KNEW that you only had:
5 Years!
10 Years!
20 Years………… L E F T  ?

That’s exactly What God did to me and my Family when i was diagnosed with Pancreatic CANCER!


Today is the LAST Day of your L I F E … W O W !

This is Your AHA MOMENT !

Don’t WASTE It…
A Word of Encouragement will Change someone’s Day