Sometimes …We all need HELP!

This is a season for Thanksgiving,  Family, and Friends  … HOSPITALITY!

The Gift of Family and Friends makes LIFE  Worth Living!


My Grandfather said… “Tommie when we reach DOWN and HELP Another UP,

Then we All are made Better. “


As many Know I have been fighting Pancreatic Cancer since 2012 and with  GOD’s  Help and Favor I have been in remission. 

What they don’t tell you is the Cancer Bugs are always there waiting and LOOKING for an Opportunity to come back!

My Oncologist wants to do Chemo again MORE Aggressive…a SHOT GUN Treatment!

WOW !  not what I had in mind celebrating  2 years in remission…
Then I broke a tooth and the treatment had to be delayed…

The dentists  ended up removing 8 teeth …  a common problem for after chemo and radiation treatment patients .

My wife  told me BABY I Know you did not want to LOSE All your teeth

ALL I Want for Christmas…is some TEETH!

You Really don’t want to do CHEMO Again…
May be this is GOD’s  answer to NOT having to do Chemo Again!

Well Not exactly what I wanted to HEAR…

I had to spend some time alone with my Friend and ask some Hard questions…
Ever Been There?

OK… your in Charge you have allowed me Blessings and FAVOR I Don’t deserve…
so is it my way (Frank Sinatra Jr) or YOURS!

SO… HE provided the funds so I could have the TEETH removed (all total about $4500.00!)
Not bad for 3 Dentists.

I am a Teacher, Speaker, a Video GUY…  for me to be taken serious  I need to
restore my

S M I L E!

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at NO COST to you!

Everyone Wins and All are made Better!

WOW Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Oh yeah the Paul Harvey REST of the STORY…

My red blood Count, white blood Count, plates Count are in the toilet   BUT…

They are the Best they have been in 6 Months!  and the Tumor Count is holding…
Steady after Doubling, then Doubling, and Doubling again!  STEADY … NO Increase

Well I don’t Know about you… but the TEACHER is  always Tested before …
He can Give the LESSON!

Put it on your prayer list and lets agree it’s in HIS Hands…if  you Let it BE !
Thanks and Pass this on to Family, Friends, and Neighbors
WE All Need Help Sometimes…AMEN

Thomas Clifford The DEBT DOCTOR” Tougher Than CANCER”

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